Links from 2/10 Meeting

10 Feb

Those Videos:

After class I finally figured out what was wrong with the sound system and next week should go off without a hitch. In the event that you have never seen the video for “Jai Ho (You Are My Destiny),” I have embedded the video for you (again!). It’s a fascinating example of the issues we discussed today (especially exoticism and globalization).

I also recommend that you see the video for Michael Franti’s “Say Hey” just to see how he uses a favela in Rio de Janeiro.

A few students mentioned how widely this song has been used in commercials, films, and television. It’s been used in sources as varied as beer commercials, the TV show Weeds, and many, many films.


We went over many big concepts today about a very specific way of viewing identity and culture to help us understand some of the larger issues at stake in this course. We talked in some detail about globalization. This was only the first time it will come up, not the last. The concepts that I strongly recommend that you review in the chapter prior to writing your papers are: habit, self, identity, disposition, essentialism, cultural cohort, cultural formation (nested and transstate), diaspora, cosmopolitanism.

Some musical terminology that will come up again:

  • polyrhythm: simultaneous use of different rhythms at once
  • call and response: when two different voices and/or instruments (or groups of instruments and/or voices) call and respond to each other antiphonally
  • timbre: tone-color, quality or sound of an instrument or voice. It is distinct from pitch or note.
  • production: how a musical composition is prepared for recording or performance. This can involve many procedures and elements of technology such as: instrumentation, effects, and microphone placement. Some producers will radically alter the indexes and icons of certain genres and places to appeal to different audiences and publics.

Next week we will talk more in detail about specific musical vocabulary that will help you as you speak and write about music in detail on a more regular basis.

Assignments and Listening:

This week we played 4 songs in class (all of them from today). I am providing a zip with those tracks for your pleasure.

In case your copy goes astray, here’s a PDF of the short writing assignment due next Wednesday at 12:01AM.


4 Responses to “Links from 2/10 Meeting”

  1. Dave Baker February 12, 2012 at 6:36 PM #

    the teach-in / shut down has been scheduled for tuesday, when you were scheduled to be absent anyway… will we be shifting all the readings back by a class period, or should we come to friday’s class having read the entire week’s worth of material as listed in the syllabus? i don’t remember any final word on the subject (thought they are adding a make-up day to the end).

    • Dave Baker February 12, 2012 at 6:37 PM #


    • Prof KG February 12, 2012 at 7:52 PM #

      Let’s split the difference. Watch From Mambo to Hip-Hop on your own before Friday. Come prepared to discuss it and the readings for Tuesday. If time permits, I will lecturer ahead to the issues in the next reading assignment. We can talk about what comes next as a group on Friday.

      -Prof kg


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    […] I mentioned in this comment, tomorrow we’ll briefly discuss From Mambo to Hip-Hop (it will come up repeatedly over the […]

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