More about Fela Kuti

11 Feb

Fela Relaxing

Just because I know everyone in this NCF class wants think about music on PCP weekend, I thought I’d provide some more details about Fela Kuti for those who couldn’t get enough.

I mentioned in class that there is a brief documentary called Fella Kuti: Music Is The Weapon (1982). For those of you with a Netflix Instant account, you can find it here. There is also a musical about him (the website has links to a treasure-trove of information), numerous books, and tribute bands. One of my favorite responses to Fela Kuti is Red Hot + Riot, an compilation put together by the Red Hot Organization to raise money to fight AIDS (a fitting tribute since Kuti died of AIDS in 1997). The album features numerous world music, R&B and hip-hop artists including Kelis and Talib Kweli.

During his lifetime, Kuti was extremely prolific and has an extensive discography. Many of his recordings are available on Spotify, eMusic, iTunes and Pandora.


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