Looking Ahead to 2/16

16 Feb

As I mentioned in this comment, tomorrow we’ll briefly discuss From Mambo to Hip-Hop (it will come up repeatedly over the next few weeks), and the reading originally assigned for Tuesday. I will likely lecture ahead to some of the content originally scheduled for tomorrow. We will eventually be on schedule, but we will have to content ourselves with playing catch-up due to complications of the teach-in. Tenha paciência!

As we look ahead to tomorrow, think about what might be the thesis of From Mambo to Hip-Hop and how the filmmakers argue it through their examples. Consider how the film might connect to the chapters we’ve covered in the textbook thus far (and, perhaps, the process of thinking through the first writing assignment).


In other news, I heard (via Twitter) from a student who took the last iteration of this course. He says that he’s pleased we are spending so much time in NYC and Tokyo (more time than the last time I taught this class). He describes a new scene in New England called the rage / rager scene (electro / dubstep, etc.) as well as a rave scene (hardcore, trance, etc.) and some fierce opposition between the two. Apparently a lot of scene veterans are sad about the tension between the two groups… Do we have a sense of opposition between scenes here in Florida? Do you experience regional oppositions? Some of you referred to this in your first writing assignment, but I thought it would be nice to make the convo more, well, social.


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