Access to Black Noise

21 Feb

This post is inspired by a few late-night emails from students having difficulty accessing the reading for today. If you have already located the chapter on your own, you may move along…

For those of you having technical difficulties accessing the eBook for Tricia Rose’s Black Noise, here is a link to the version available through the USF library (NB: USF subscribes, so we get access).* If you are already familiar with hip-hop history from a source such as Chang’s Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop or Charnass’s The Big Payback, you will notice that this chapter is focused on a very different kind of story and argument. Please come to class prepared to discuss Rose’s particular focus.

*For those of you accessing the book from off campus, it’s best to use the connect from home option (use the number on your ID that begins with “211…” in the “205…” field, and the 4 digits of your birth month and birth day for your password). Sometimes the eBooks through USF come out weird in Firefox, so you might want to try Chrome or Safari.


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