Hip Hop Music History in the News

22 Feb

Literally an hour after we finished class on Tuesday I heard a retrospective / review about Profile Records, an early record label in hip hop history, on NPR. It’s well worth the listen if you have even the slightest interest in the history of the record industry. (Those of you who have read Dan Charnas’s The Big Payback might find this especially interesting.)

The segment was by Oliver Wang, a hip-hop scholar and DJ from southern California. His work often directly engages with community-oriented questions (for example, his work on boogaloo has also appeared in The Nation and LA Weekly). His music blog, soul-sides.com, often contains outstanding reviews and discussions of a vast array of soul music. I have been following his work since I saw him speak at a hip-hop conference at UCLA when I was a graduate student. All of this is to say that the NPR segment is worth your time.


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