Listening / Logistics

24 Feb


Here is a link to this week’s listening. It’s a pretty exciting playlist literally decades in the making.


As we discussed in class, there will not be a traditional essay or paper for assignment two; rather, I am expecting everyone to weigh in to extend the discussion we began about From Mambo to Hip-Hop and Chapter 2 of Latin Music USA (with a minimum of 100 words). That post with a more suitable prompt will be up by tomorrow.

Since we rescheduled a make-up class for Sunday March 4th at 2PM, I thought it would be simpler to move urban folk/bluegrass/old-time class to Friday, March 2nd. The listening quiz will happen on Tuesday, March 5th (Cumbia day) at the beginning of class. Or, to rephrase, the schedule for the next 2 weeks will be as follows:

  • February 28: No class!
  • March 2: Urban Folk Music and Class Mobility
  • March 4 (Sunday, 2PM, place TBD): Unit 2 | Mexico City, Mariachi, and the Culture Industry
  • March 5: Listening quiz for unit 1; Cumbia, Techno-Cumbia, Sonidero
  • March 9: Rock en Español and Latin Alternative

I know schedule changes can be confusing, and I appreciate everyone’s flexibility.


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