Readings for Unit 2: Mexico City

2 Mar

Today will be our last meeting for our introductory unit on New York City and the larger theoretical concepts for the class. Starting with Sunday’s make-up class we will be considering music that is normally not in English. Enjoy focusing your attention to timbre, instrumentation, and texture.


Here is the musical overview of music in Mexico by Daniel Sheehy. Read this along with the two chapters from Davis’s Planet of Slums for Sunday’s meeting.

Here is Deborah Pacini Hernandez’s chapter on Cumbia from Oye Como Va!, for Tuesday, March 6th. (BTW, Tuesday will also be our first listening quiz.)

Here is Josh Kun’s chapter, “Rock’s Reconquista” from Audiotopia for Friday, March 9th. Also, here is the link for the article about Lila Downs for that same day.

¡Ojalá que ustedes disfruten esta oportunidad!


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    rather helpful stuff, in general I picture this is worthy of a bookmark, thanks a lot

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