21 Mar

Yesterday’s discussion on the musical expressions of Japanese Brazilians was just the tip of the ice-burg as you can imagine. The two artists we discussed in detail were Curumin and Lulina (both affiliated with the Studio SP scene in São Paulo, and both with overt connections to the record label YBMusic). I also mentioned a few other artists that deserve more attention.

Fernanda Takai is a well-known pop and rock singer. Her band, Pato Fu, has engaged directly and indirectly with her Japanese-Brazilianness throughout their tenure. Here is their song, “Made in Japan.”

Most recently, Pato Fu released an album of covers played entirely on toy musical instruments called Música de Brinquedo (Play Music). She and her band express a playful attitude towards both music and nipo-brasilidade in numerous other examples as well.

Zhen Brasil, the group at the center of Shanna Lorentz’s article, has a few videos on YouTube captured from their performances on TV.

And finally, here is an example of a Taiko drumming group from São Paulo.


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