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Exam Time and Place

20 May

Tuesday at 3:30PM in CFA 212. See you then.


Bollywood’s 100th Birthday

18 May

The New Yorker put together a really neat slide show to celebrate Bollywood’s 100th Birthday. 100 years ago, the first Indian-made silent film was released in Mumbai.

Readings for Today (Anime, Chip-Tune)

15 May

Here is the reading for today on Anime. It’s very short.

The second reading is from a collection called From Pac-Man to Pop Music. You will have to access it through USF’s ebrary. Happy end of the semester!

ETA: You can also download the chapter on chip-tune here. (It took me quite some effort to get a PDF.)

Videos from J-Pop

14 May

Here are some of the J-Pop videos we covered in class.


“Breezin'” by Cornelius


Fantastic Plastic Machine


“Good Morning World” by Kahime Karie


“Ash Like Snow” by Brilliant Green


“Lonely in Gorgeous” by Tommy February6


“Sparkle” by Ayumi Hamasaki

It seems that Ayumi has had the original version of this video removed from youtube. Here‘s a link to download it.


Japanese Hip-Hop and Commercialization

11 May

Here’s a link to today’s listening.

During class I referred to theorist Andres Huyssen’s work (although I couldn’t remember his name) on the feminization of culture. He wrote an essay titled, “Mass Culture as Woman: Modernism’s Other” from his book After the Great Divide: Modernism, Mass Culture, Postmodernism (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1986). I also referred to Nina Eidsheim’s research on race, technology, and vocality. Let me know if any of these issues interest you.

We decided as a class to have the review session next Thursday at 3PM. The final exam will be May 22nd at 3:30PM. Remember, the essay questions will help you as you study.

J-Pop and Hip-Hop in Tokyo (part 1)

11 May

Here are the music files for the last two lectures on J-Pop and Hip-Hop. If you would like links to the videos, please let me know.

Final Exam Essay Questions

10 May

Here’s a link to possible essay questions for the final exam.

Since nearly 50 percent of the class wants the exam to be on May 22nd, that is when it will be. We will choose a time during Friday’s class. A review session will be held Thursday, May 17th at 3PM.